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Have you ever wondered what’s the secret to Koreans’ youthful, glowing skin?

We’ve all heard about Korea’s obsession with having beautiful, healthy skin. The Korean skincare business has risen drastically as a result of its myriad benefits and goodness, thus restoring one’s soul from the inside. Whether it’s Korean beauty regimes or the current K-dramas craze, interest in Korean culture is on the ascent, making it highly coveted.

It is difficult to satisfy one’s longing for bright, young, and refreshing Korean skin. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the standard steps of skincare. However, Korean skincare differs significantly from our accustomed routines. The K-routine requires the application of precise skincare regimens that involve a comprehensive 10-step basic skincare routine, to maintain excellent and healthy skin..

The 10 basic steps are as follows-


An oil-based cleanser is the first and one of the most important steps in the Korean double cleansing method. The oil-based cleanser, in the form of liquid or balm, gently removes oil-based impurities like makeup, excess sebum and sunscreen. It contains an oil base and surfactants to help bind dirt and grim. It is a way of deep cleansing your skin without stripping all of the essential moisture that it needs. take 1-2 pumps of oil cleanser or 1 scoop of balm cleanser, warm it in your palms and then gently massage it into your dry face. Add a few drops of lukewarm water and emulsify and then rinse it off.


This is the second step of the skincare routine and double-cleansing method. This comes in gel, foam and cream form. It helps in removing any residual sweat, dirt and excess chemicals from the skin. Choosing a gentle water-based cleanser that has a low pH level that hydrates your skin without stripping.


If you want your skin to feel soft and smooth make sure you are adding exfoliation to your skincare routine. They come in two forms: Physical and Chemical. Physical exfoliation might contain fine granulated sugar or fine granulated dried fruits whereas chemical exfoliation includes Acids like AHA and BHA. One should exfoliate once or twice a week to remove all the dead skin cells, promote cell turnover and also repair sun damage that causes signs of ageing and discolouration. Make sure you use SPF after Exfoliation. 


Cleaning and exfoliating remove debris and pollutants, yet they can leave our skin feeling dry. As a result, toner is introduced. Toners are the ultimate prep products, removing any leftover residue from cleansers while also repairing your skin’s barrier. It helps to balance your skin’s natural pH level. Mostly has water consistency and contains specific active ingredients that moisturize, shrink pores, protect and refresh. 


An essence is truly one of the most vital parts of the Korean skincare regimen. It offers the best of both worlds – it soothes your skin while healing it at the same time. An essence is packed with hydrating ingredients and also speeds up cell turnover.


Serum, which is packed with some of the most important and powerful components, serves as a barrier against all skin problems such as wrinkles, pigmentation, dark spots, and other concerns, promising to restore your skin’s natural radiance and health, making you feel enlightened. An ampoule/booster is a thicker gradient than a standard serum. While serums are gentle and should be used on a regular basis, ampoules/boosters are designed to treat a specific skin texture and should be used twice a week for best outcomes.


Sheet masks are the serum/essence soaked sheets that are packed with great ingredients which flood your skin with hydration and also create a barrier to protect and allow the other products to rejuvenate it. As it is soaked with serums/essence, it prevents the products from evaporating allowing the product to sink into your skin. They are easy to use, affordable, super relaxing and calming.


The fragile and soft area around our eyes must be safeguarded and cared for. Eye creams are gentle and specifically designed for sensitive skin around the eyes. Using an eye cream will keep your skin moisturised and sensitive beneath your eyes, preventing wrinkles, dark circles, and other indicators of ageing. However, extreme attention should be exercised while putting cream near the eyes, since failure to do so might result in complications. Apply a small amount of cream and dab it in with your fingertips to apply it evenly.


A moisturiser is meant to keep your face hydrated, and to act as a protective layer for your skin. It acts as a dam to keep the moisture of your skin seal. Without this layer, your skin becomes more prone to dryness and inflammation. Moisturizers come in forms namely gel, lotion, cream and ointment, and they come in three types: emollient, humectant, and occlusive. And they are packed with wonderful ingredients as well. Circularly massage the moisturiser for around 15 minutes for the best benefits, which will also boost blood flow, giving the face a dazzling look.


One of the most common skincare routines among Korean women is the use of sunscreen daily, whether indoors or outside. Our skin is protected from direct solar rays by a sun protection factor cream, which prevents premature ageing and face dullness. Keep in mind that instead of slathering it over your face, you should gently pat it on the skin as it improves blood flow and allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin pores, resulting in the look of pink, fresh, and vibrant skin.


Manjari Singh

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