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Do you have a colony of friends via social media that you keep informed about myriad products and services? Well, this section seems much more beneficial to you then!

Our brainchild needs your aid to be successful with a worldwide audience. Let’s create the next win-win situation, regardless of the platform: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or our website.
So here’s the deal: we’ve got a fantastic affiliate programme!

With truly excellent skincare product commercials sprinkled with a caring heart and great expertise, Beauty Rx. gives an incredible opportunity for all social influencers to communicate with their audiences on a never-before-seen level.

Simply post a link on your website or social media platforms, along with a picture or video, and you’ll get reimbursed if someone orders something. You will be paid a referral fee of up to 10-15% on the money you generate.
You’ll be able to sell both new product lines and well-known global brands, and you’ll be able to offer your target market exceptional rates. By signing up for our network, you will have access to special perks and prizes as well as expand your network.

Program Benefits:

  • You’ll get a special welcome offer when you make your first purchase.
  • You’ll get paid a portion of every sale you refer.
  • Get an early glimpse at new product lines and brands.
  • For your target market, you’ll need a unique code.
  • Get extra perks while adding fresh content to your social media platforms.
  • A simple and quick monthly payment plan.