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About Us

Who are we?

BeautyRx is an online beauty and skincare platform dedicated to providing high-quality, effective, and safe skincare products to Indians. We believe that everyone, regardless of age, race, or skin type, deserves beautiful skin, and BeautyRx can assist you in identifying the perfect remedy for your skin type.

We ensure that all raw materials used in the production of a product are subject to quality inspection, safeguarding your skin from potentially harmful chemicals. We also make certain that the extraction of these items has no harmful impact on the environment, ensuring the safety and well-being of our planet. We want to build a healthy community that employs eco-friendly packaging made of highly recyclable and environment-friendly materials to create a better tomorrow.

Our Story

Manjari Singh, a visionary lady, who has always had a passion for beauty and elegance. A tussle with PCOD and adult acne-related concerns resulted from a lack of assistance and incorrect skincare products. This prompted her to look for a natural, pure solution, which led her to the realm of K-beauty cosmetics. She was astounded by the alchemy of Korean skincare products and skincare regimens that determined her to learn more about their efficacy. Fascinated by the Korean skincare practice, she attempted to devise a unique concept to aid females suffering from PCOD and acne-related issues.

“Koreans have such good skin because they use natural ingredients, such as ginseng, rice water, and green tea, which are gentle and effective. And they have a strict skincare routine that they follow religiously. I wanted to bring that to India.” – Manjari Singh

"I realize how beauty can be a great equalizer. It has the power to make people feel good about themselves, regardless of their social status or background." - Manjari Singh

What Do We Offer?

We offer a wide range of products that cater to all your skincare needs, from anti-ageing to acne-prone skin from nine hand-picked skincare brands in South Korea.

What Sets Us Apart

Everyone is entitled to beautiful skin. That’s why we have a comprehensive choice of skincare products to meet all of your needs, from anti-ageing to acne-prone skin. We are committed to bringing the most up-to-date and effective skincare products from the Land of the Morning Calm to our consumers. With the goal of assisting our clients in combating acne-related disorders, our incredibly gifted professionals will also guide you in selecting the appropriate solution based on your skin texture, allowing you to quickly locate the appropriate remedy.

Who will benefit the most from our products?

With its natural skincare formula, BeautyRx is an ideal solution for individuals who are looking for a solution to nourish and strengthen their dull, acne-filled faces, making them look young and vibrant with good nutritional value.